Steve and his wife Wendi were married in September 2002. They have two children, Josiah was born in 2003 and Lydia in 2006. Steve farms in the New Richmond area. Wendi serves God and her family as a stay at home mom and in serving the church in a variety of areas.

Steve was brought to faith in Christ in March of 2000 through the persistent faithfulness to God, of a man who had lost his sixteen year old son in a tragic snowmobile accident in January of 1996. In obedience to God this man gently pursued Steve for over two years. Steve believes that God used the life and death of this young man, and every sorrow and tribulation his family faced to bring Steve to life in Christ.

Steve believes God has blessed him in this season with the spiritual gift of shepherding. “My great desire is that God would use me in a way that will help grow disciples of Jesus Christ into a continually deepening relationship with and understanding of God and into a deepening relationship with those in the body of Christ, His church. By persistently pursuing God we can more fully live the Gospel message and grow in boldness in sharing the Gospel message with those that are spiritually separated from God.”



Steve and his wife Rochelle were married on December 1, 1984 in Chetek, WI. They have three children, Cody, Traci and Tyler. Steve works as a project manager at an industrial laser company in Somerset, and Rochelle is the Seniors Program Coordinator at The Centre in New Richmond.

When Steve and Rochelle started attending Faith Community Church in New Richmond in late 2006, they felt alone, empty, and adrift. They both knew they were missing something fundamentally important in their lives. Within a few months of attending for the first time, Christ had “kicked the door in on both of our lives and changed everything! From the moment Christ called us, He has been actively at work in every aspect of our lives. While it has often been difficult, our marriage, our relationship with our children, our understanding of work and material things, etc. have all been dramatically changed through the saving message of the Gospel.” In Christ we are indeed “...a new creation. The old has passed away; behold, the new has come.” (2 Corinthians 5:17) Steve says, “I like to help people. I believe my primary gifts are teaching and service and that God has called me to humbly serve our church family at FCC as an elder. My walk with Christ has been both exciting and challenging and even now I am excited to see what God has in store.”



Josh Maciel


Josh M_BW.png

Josh was born in the central valley of California. He was invited to a youth ministry as a teenager and was saved by Jesus at age 15. Immediately he desired to serve Jesus and after high school attended a ministry discipleship program where he met his bride, Stephanie.

Following their wedding and serving in various ministry environments, Josh joined the United States Army. While serving for 8 years he earned a Masters of Theological Studies from Southwestern Baptist Theological Seminary.

Josh has served Faith Community Church as Lead Pastor since 2017. Josh and Stephanie have three Children: Micah, Josiah, and Isaiah.



Craig Swanson



Craig has been married to Martha 30 years and attending FCC NR since the first service 20 years ago. They have three children, Annalissa, Oliver and Isaac. Annalissa (married to Andrew Miller) moved back to NR from ND in 2017. Annalissa and Andrew have a daughter, Madeline, born in 2017. Oliver lives/works in North Carolina and Isaac has jointed the US ARMY and will be heading to SC in June 2018 after HS graduation.

Craig and Martha have been involved in short term ministries, overseas ministries, children’s ministries, MS/HS CHAOS ministries, men's/women's ministries, Faith Training Center, small groups, teaching, etc.

Craig joined the elder council in 2015.